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Joe’s Weather Blog: Easy And Breezy (SAT-10/18)

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Good afternoon…another stellar day in the region with bright sunshine and cool temperatures. Readings as I type this are in the 50s and we should scrape to 60° or so before the end of the day.


Tonight: Clear and crisp again with lows near 40°

Tomorrow: Sunny and somewhat milder with highs in the 60s

Monday-Wednesday: Mostly sunny with highs 70-75° or so.

Baseball games in KC will be great with gametime temperatures in the 60s and dropping. Tailgaters will enjoy temperatures in the 70s from 2PM-6PM! The games of course are on FOX4 and odds are almost every TV in the KC area that is being watched will at some point be watching FOX 4 this week…we’re excited to bring you coverage and the games themselves


It’s not unusual for us to get extended dry spells featuring great weather in the fall around the KC region and we’re certainly in the beginning stages of that now. It’s wonderful out there and while cooler than yesterday it’s also not as windy…so it’s all good.


The nation overall is rather quiet with the exception of some chilly weather back east and also a weak system across the SW part of the country that is creating some rain in parts of W TX.

For us in KC after a wet start to the month…the back half at least looks rather dry overall. There is a weak system that may create at least some showers it the area on Thursday but right now I’m keeping that chance at 20%. There is a system in the eastern Pacific Ocean that potentially will give us a small speed bump on the “dry weather” road.


At the bottom of the “U” that you see stretching from the Gulf Of Alaska southwards is what we’ll be monitoring just in case something there breaks off and eventually works it’s way into the middle part of the country. We’ll worry about that potential in a few days.

Meanwhile I’m wondering today about the potential of our first freeze in the KC area. So far the lowest temperature we’ve seen in KC is 37° this fall (twice). The average date for the 1st freeze in KC is October 27th…although since KCI opened up in the early 1970s the average 1st date of 32° or below is October 21st with November 10th, 2005 being the latest 1st 32° or below morning. That data might be more representative of our current situation because it doesn’t factor in the heat island effects of downtown KC..


At this point though I don’t see any 32° or below temperatures heading our way. Which got me to thinking about the latest times we’ve seen temperatures drop to 32° or below. Interestingly it’s not really uncommon for us to wait into November for this to occur. I tried to quickly scan through 120+ years of data and in roughly 50 of those years…we wait till November for this occurrence. The absolute latest time of occurrence was back in 1931 when we had to wait till November 24th. In terms of recent history…in 2007 we waited till 11/1…in 2005/1983 it was 11/10 and in 2004/1998 it was 11/5.

Anyway something to track for a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile the island of Bermuda was struck by Hurricane Gonzalo yesterday…it has since moved on but the Island recorded winds of 144 MPH at their highest.

There is some great information in some of the FB posts from the Bermuda Weather Service if you want to go back and read through the posts…they did a fantastic job I thought of keeping their page updated with information and statistics.

It seems that despite the eye of the storm passing directly over the small island…early reports indicate damage while extensive isn’t terrible (in terms of what the winds could’ve done) and amazingly so far there are no reports of any deaths.

The island itself is only about 20 square miles…pretty small overall considering the vastness of the western Atlantic Ocean. It’s really just a little pinprick out there in a prime area for re-curving hurricanes off the east coast. At the time of the eye passage however…Gonzalo was packing winds of 110 MPH…it was not a “major” hurricane at the time of passage. With that said it’s not really uncommon for the island to be hit by a hurricane or at least brushed by one. Hurricane strength winds occur there every 4 years or so.

Some 31,000 homes lost power though and it will be a long process to get some of them back up…plus there was tremendous tree damage apparently. Here is a link to their newspaper for more information.

That’s it for today…odds are there will be no blog tomorrow since the weather is so boring around these parts…as you know unless I have something to write about I won’t just cobble something together for you and waste your time.

Finally…check out Thursday’s blog for some winter weather forecasts from a few national outlets…including the NOAA forecast.






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