Father hopes to make new World Series memories for son like his dad did in 1985

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Tailgating is a huge part of baseball. It's so important some even started seven hours before the actual game on Tuesday.

Dustin Thompson travel 300 miles and arrived nearly seven hours before Game One was set to start. That's just enough time to sink in the fact that the Royals are in the World Series.

Thompson has a long day ahead. He said he plans on watching the game from the parking lot.

"All night till the game is over," he said.

All around him, people brought chairs, grills, and a gnome.

"Seemed like a normal thing to do to have a 10 foot Royals gnome," said Stephen Feilbach.

Feilbach made the gnome out of Styrofoam. He says it reminds him of 1985 when he was only nine years old.

For Don Baresel, a baseball is his biggest memory that year. His dad brought him to the 1-70 Series.

"Ma and him came out early like today hoping we can get a ball in practice and I happen to get a home run ball in practice," he recalled of the time the Royals won the World Series against the Cardinals in 1985.

And now, it's Baresel's turn to return the factor to his son. He bought World Series tickets so they both can make more memories.