Generous man gives World Series tickets to 9-yr-old boy and his mom

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A mother and her son from Osage City just south of Topeka are going to the Royals' World Series game, thanks to the generosity of a man they have known less than a week.

Kelli and Breckin Bowin were at Game Three of the American League Championship Series when a man seated near them struck up a conversation during the late innings.

"During the game, the gentleman behind us turned to Breckin and said, 'If we get three outs, I'm taking you to the World Series,'" said Kelli.

He made the same promise to Breckin, and Kelly was skeptical.

"At first, I thought, 'You'd better not be joking!' This is my nine-year old! You're going to break his heart!'" she said.

But when the Royals secured the series' win over Baltimore on Wednesday, the man began texting and emailing Kelli. One of those emails included two tickets in Section 217, which were selling on for as much as $1,200.

"Someone was so nice. Nice enough to give us tickets to a World Series game," said Breckin.

Kelli remembers attending the 1985 World Series, but says this experience, because of the act of kindness, tops 1985. Kelli says she didn't even know her benefactor's full name until she got the email with the free tickets.

"It was just somebody out of the blue. We were so excited. Everyone in the stands was so excited. Just to turn around and tell us he was going to take us to the game is great, and they're fantastic seats," Kelli said.

The donor wanted his name to remain unknown, however Kelli and Breckin are sitting with six members of his family Tuesday night.