Joe’s Weather Blog: Strong Pacific Jet Moves Into US (TUE-10/21)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Good morning…all quiet out there…although last night the temperatures were doing some strange thiings for whatever reason up at KCI…while everyone else was dropping they were holding steady then going up around midnight before coming back down early this AM…weird.


Rest of today: Bright sunshine and nice with highs 70-75° again…much like yesterday with little wind. Game time temperature will be in the 60s and dropping into the 50s by the end of the game. Perfect weather at the “K”.

Tonight: Clear and cool with lows near 45°

Tomorrow: Clouds move through near daybreak then becoming partly cloudy in the PM. Breezier with highs again near 70°. The NAM keeps generating some drizzle or showers in the area around and just after sunrise. It’s been doing this since SAT night I think…even the higher-res version of the model does it as well. Something to watch…wouldn’t last long though and it would be done before noon WED. There is a lot of dry air though for this to happen and right now I’m skeptical.

Weather for Game #2: Breezier with more clouds. One thing to watch will be the rain that should remain to the west of the are through the game. Sometimes these World Series games get awfully long…and while I’m good with dry conditions through 12AM or so…after that the rain to the west will be moving closer to the area. Just sayin’.


Couple of things this morning…1) there really hasn’t been too many changes from yesterday’s blog with regards to how things play out for the next 5 days…after some rain on THU…warmer air will be coming in behind the system setting the stage for a run towards 75-80° from FRI-SUN. 2) The satellite pictures clearly show some moisture slamming into the western part of the country. This is the result of some stronger jetstream winds off the west coast.


The core of the jetstream winds that you can see south of AK will weaken and then move into the NW part of the country on Thursday. There is a little kink though in the flow that has come ashore this morning and will move NW of the area on THU as well. This kink in the flow will allow some rain to break out west of here later tomorrow and that rain will move ENE through the area.

Eventually that whole system off the west coast now will alter things early next week…although how much the weather changes next week is still a question mark.

Looking at the satellite picture this AM…and you can see the moisture moving from the west to the east off the west coast of the USA.


As the core of the weakened jet slams into the PAC NW there will be some beefy rain totals and perhaps some higher elevation snow amounts along the OR/WA coastline. Although the moisture train is also rather mild so I’m not sure how much snow will come out of this for the higher peaks.


Gale warnings are in effect for the coastal areas out there.

Finally a weird night tracing the temperature trends last night at KCI…

12AM: 60° (actually 11:53PM was when the ob was taken)

1AM: 51°

2AM: 53°

3AM: 55°

4AM: 45°

5AM: 46°

6AM: 49°

7AM: 46° (we dropped to 42 between hours for the low temp of the day)

Sort of strange…not shocking but there were a lot of surrounding stations that didn’t do the weird gyrations that KCI did overnight. We dropped 9° in one hour…went back up then dropped 10° in another hour.

That’s it for today…have another great day and enjoy the game tonight on FOX 4!








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