Early labor throws family a curve during World Series game at Kauffman Stadium

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- What started out as a trip to a World Series game turned into a trip to the hospital.

For some people, World Series souvenirs consist of shirts, hats, maybe a foul ball. But one local couple got a memento they weren't expecting yet when Stephanie Hetherington's water broke at Kauffman Stadium during game 1.

"Labor is not an immediate thing, so I was like, even if I go into labor we'll make it to the hospital in time, and that was actually the case," said Stephanie.

Stephanie and her husband Jason got World Series tickets from a friend a week before game 1. Stephanie's initial due date is still a week from Thursday, so they thought they would be fine.

"She was not showing any signs that she had any desire to come early, so we were feeling like we would at least get in a few innings of baseball before anything happened," said Stephanie, "But she had other plans!"

As the Hetheringtons were getting snacks, Stephanie said she felt something.

"She says, 'I think my water broke,' and she says, 'well, lets just go back to our seats and labor for a while at the stadium,'" Jason added.

But it wasn't until she got back to her seat that her water broke.

"Then I was like, OK, yep, yep, it's time to go, we have to go to the hospital now," said Stephanie. "Thank goodness for the rally towels."

"It just kind of seemed surreal, we joked about it once we found out we were going, that we might have a baby in the parking lot of The K, and then all of a sudden it's like whoa, we really might have a baby in the parking lot of The K," Jason said.

They took pictures as they left the stadium while staff at The K drove them on a golf cart to their car. Stephanie was sharing her emotions with her husband.

"I'm so happy we're having a baby, but I can't believe we're missing the World Series!" Jason recalled his wife telling him.

Jason said they turned on a TV at the hospital immediately, which made time go by quickly.

"It made labor relatively fun, of course I say that from a dad's point of view," added Jason.

They say the loss was upsetting, but they were just happy to even see the Royals in the World Series, and they're thankful they have another healthy baby girl.

"Jason is affectionately calling her Billy!" said Stephanie. "The tickets will make an appearance either in her baby book or framed with a picture of her on the wall."

The Hetheringtons watched the end of the game at Liberty Hospital, and Ali Frances was born just before midnight Tuesday.

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