Fan says World Series experience was tarnished by phony ticket, deceitful scalper

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- For many Royals fans, this trip to the World Series is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so when something goes wrong, it will never be forgotten. The biggest disappointment being heard is about fans buying fake tickets.

Tim Hoskins and a group of friends were excited to go to game 1 together, but they needed one more ticket. They decided to wait until they got close to the ballpark to find one and it turned out to be a very costly choice.

“Pulled up in front of stadium and bought a ticket from scalper for 300 bucks,” Hoskins recalled.

At the time, Hoskins and his friends were excited. Not a bad price at all for a seat at game 1 of the World Series.

“Got to stadium did a little tailgating,” he said.

But all the fun came to an abrupt halt as Hoskins tried to get through the gates.

“They scanned the ticket and it said: ‘go to customer service,’” he explained.

“We were like totally shocked, our mouths dropped and we couldn't believe it,” Todd Bryan said.

It was a fake ticket. Hoskins says the Royals tried to help. He was immediately whisked away on a golf cart to try and identify the scalper, but they couldn't find him. So Hoskins and his friends came up with another $165 dollars to by a standing room only.

He made it in, but says it wasn't the same.

“It's a lot different standing out on the Miller Light Deck looking over three rows of people as opposed to sitting in a seat,” he said.

Hoskins said time and time again he learned an expensive lesson and will never buy from scalpers again. Despite getting into the game, the whole experience left a bad taste in his mouth.

“I just basically feel I’m out the money, you know? And I feel for everybody else who experienced same thing I went through. I know there's others, it sucks, I work hard for my money and it sucks to be out 300 dollars and not enjoy it,” he said.

There's no full-proof way to prove tickets you're buying from people are legitimate until they are scanned. Police have reiterated that if you are going to spend hundreds of dollars to purchase tickets, use a reputable broker and a credit card.

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