Many Chiefs fans not happy a 2015 home game has been punted to London

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Chiefs' fans, get your passports ready. The team has announced it will be playing in London during the 2015 NFL regular season, but a lot of fans aren't happy about the kickoff across the pond because it's taking a home game away from their season.

Fans say they paid $250 million to renovate Arrowhead Stadium and they need to get good use out of it. But players are saying this international exposure is exactly what this team needs.

The roar of the crowd, the homefield advantage and the radiating Arrowhead pride. Home games are what avid Chiefs fans look forward to every season, but next year they'll be losing one.

The team announced the Chiefs will give up a home game to play the Detroit Lions in London, meaning there will be just seven regular season home games at Arrowhead next year.

"Initially I was really excited, I thought it'd be a really great opportunity to get some great exposure for the Chiefs' brand. But the more I've thought about it I'm kind of worried about the affects on the local economy," fan Jason Yeager said.

But Chiefs' President Mark Donovan says this will bring long-term benefit to the team and the league alike.

"Losing homefield stings, but exciting," kicker Cairo Santos said.

"Cool to expand in other countries," Eric Kush said.

"I think it's a great idea. We need to get the sport into a European market. There are a lot of fans over there and a lot of money to get for the NFL," fan Mitchell Annan said.

But most fans disagree.

A poll taken by a blog called Arrowhead Pride shows 80% of Chiefs fans hate the idea of the Chiefs going to London.

"I think most of those people just don't want to get up that early to watch the game at 9 a.m.," Annan said.

Whether it means buying a passport or getting up early on the weekend, most fans say no matter what they'll be watching.

Season ticket holders don't worry, you will not be charged for the game in London. Season ticket holders will pay for nine home games, including preseason.