Australian cameraman records bizarre encounter with shooting suspect, gets carjacked

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An Australia cameraman caught his own carjacking on camera.

It sounds like a story out of the movies. A television photojournalist was headed to the scene of a domestic dispute. On his way there he came face-to-face with the suspect, who has been identified as Jule Brook.

Brook had been on a Harley Davidson when he flagged down photojournalist Peter Steer. Brook was bloody, barefoot and armed with a gun. He seemingly wanted to surrender to Steer.

141107024344-nr-australia-armed-man-flags-news-crew-00002927-tablet-largeMy name is Jule Brook I f—– the police,” he said. “I’ve done a extremely bad thing.”

Brook told Steer he was the person police were looking for, after allegedly injuring a woman at a house.

Steer called authorities and told police he had an armed suspect with him.

Steer kept Brook calm and continued talking with him for almost half an hour. He called police a second time telling them, “It’s extremely important. I have the person that you’re looking for.”

Brook can be heard saying, “I feel like a coward, you know, often fought the demons.”

But as Brook was sitting on the ground, he changed his mind about surrendering.

Smiling, he pointed the gun at Steer.

He then stole the Steer’s news vehicle, the back hatch still open and Steer’s camera still rolling.

Police picked up Steer.

Another camera mounted inside Steer’s news vehicle captured what Brook did next. He drove straight to a nearby service station and crashed into a sign and slammed into a gas tank, causing it to leak.

Brook was taken into custody, but the drama didn’t end there. The leaking tank contained 7,000 liters of gas. Firefighters were called; streets were locked down for hours.

Brook was charged with a number of offenses including attempted murder.

Steer has been a cameraman since 1980.

“I wanted to get that shot of him with the gun, but I didn’t want to get shot,” he said. “I’m fine, I just need a big drink.”


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