Impromptu lunch with a police officer turns into a fast friendship for 3 brothers

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- It started with a lunch trip to Chick-Fil-A and ended with an unlikely friendship. You might've seen a picture floating around Facebook or Twitter of an Independence police officer spending his lunch break with three boys.

Not only has the picture gone viral, much more has developed beyond the lens. Officer Lewis Logan has an important task. He has three tiny people he needs to question.

"Hi. Hi. How are you?" Officer Logan asked.

"Hi Officer Logan," four-year-old Finley Leiboult said.

Before this week, officer Logan had never met the Leiboult boys.

But now...

"It's gonna be really fun. It'll be like he's our uncle kind of. It'll be really fun," seven-year-old Micah Leiboult said.

Micah, Tucker and Finley went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. They noticed officer Logan in a booth and asked if they could join.

"I felt a little bad at first... like we were intruding on his lunch break," mom Kyla Leiboult said.

But Officer Logan welcomed them and spent an hour getting to know them, answering dozens of questions.

"We ate with him! We ate, he shared some of his cookie," Finley said.

A woman eating nearby took a picture. It's now gone viral and has been shared hundreds of times.

But the real story isn't the attention the photo has gotten on social media.

"Push it! That's it man! You're ready," Officer Logan said as he showed the boys his motorcycle.

During our interview with Officer Logan we had a brief interruption...

"What do you got my man?" Officer Logan asked.

"Can I have your autograph?" Micah replied.

A few days ago officer Logan was a complete stranger.

"I was kind of shy at first," Micah said.

But now he's someone these boys look up to.

"It might seem simple, it was just over lunch at a restaurant, he shared his cookie. It was a significant part of our day and something that we're not going to forget. Thank you officer Logan for investing in my boys," Kyla Leiboult said.

While we were there, Officer Logan made plans to go back and see the Leiboult boys next week. They're planning on making this a weekly hangout.

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