Is “Interstellar” stellar? Does “Big Hero 6” measure up? Popcorn Bag movie reviews!

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FOX 4's Shawn Edwards and Russ Simmons share popcorn bag reviews for Christopher Nolan's time-travel mind-bender, "Interstellar" and the new Disney-Marvel animated adventure, "Big Hero Six."

Paramount Pictures
RUSS: 4 Popcorn Bags
SHAWN: 5 Popcorn Bags
2) BIG HERO 6 (PG)
Walt Disney Pictures
RUSS: 4 Popcorn Bags
SHAWN: 4 Popcorn Bags
Whatever you may think of Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who exposed the secret surveillance programs of the National Security Agency, "Citizenfour" is an enlightening and significant documentary. Filmmaker Laura Poitras was the person Snowden contacted with his desire to go public with the info he pulled from the NSA's computers, and she filmed his clandestine interviews with journalist Glenn Greewald in a Hong Kong hotel room. While "Citizenfour" is a bit mundane in its execution, there's no denying its social a political significance.
RUSS: 4 Popcorn Bags


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