Box labeled ‘dynamite’ causes burst of activity in Independence neighborhood

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo.  -- Police evacuated homes in the Walnut Gardens neighborhood Saturday. A suspicious box was discovered by a contract worker and believed to have dynamite inside.

"It was a box that was labeled dynamite and was a legitimate container for dynamite," said Tom Gentry, Public Information Officer for the Independence Police Department.

Gentry said a robot was used to take X-rays of the box. Once it was determined that the box was not dangerous, officials were able to pull it apart. Gentry said inert material was found inside the box, believed to be kitty litter. He told FOX 4 the box contained dynamite at one time, but no dynamite sticks were found inside on Saturday.

"If it's left like this and gets old, a lot of the nitroglycerin in it will settle, and it becomes very dangerous to move. So we didn't want to set off any explosions," Gentry said.

Lynn Papenbrok, a real estate agent with Century 21 who is helping with the home's renovations said a construction worker found the box inside the home's garage.

"They're like, this doesn't look right," Papenbrok said. "Let's make sure it's not a safety issue."

Papenbrok said she is relieved her client's home is still in one piece.