Lawrence bar showcases failed fake ID’s, sending message to underage drinkers

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LAWRENCE, Kan. -- Staff at Louisa's bar is warning underage drinkers to stay away. Staff have collected around 10,000 fake I.D.'s since the 1980s. Currently, 1,038 are hanging on the wall inside the bar. The general manager told FOX 4 he hopes the fake I.D. display will keep people under the age of 21 away.

"Typically, they avoid us," said John Davis, general manager. "Some people don't get the message and then they try and lose their I.D."

Davis said the bar is especially busy during the Fall, when all of the students return to school. He told FOX 4 his bartenders know how to tell if an I.D. is fake.

"If you handle I.D.'s for every night for a while you can feel them, they don't feel the same most of the time," he said. "We've never messed with it we're not a bar that plays that game."

Jen Jordan, DCCCA Director of Substance Abuse Prevention, said the organization just wrapped up it's annual alcohol education session with bars in Lawrence.

"Over 100 participants every year come and learn about how to spot a fake I.D. and what to look for and safe service," Jordan said.

A bar outside Louisa's bar warns customers if they are not 21 years of age the bar will take and keep their fake I.D.