Roeland Park hosts forum on pit bull ordinance

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ROELAND PARK, Kan. – City Council hosted a forum on Monday to get feedback on proposed changes to the city's animal regulations. The proposal included lifting the city's ban on pit bulls. Dozens of members from the community came out to the meeting, some who support lifting the breed ban and others who were against it.

"I know one that comes by my house and the owner thinks it's really funny to have his dog come and growl and carry on my dog," said Karen Stroud, who is against lifting the pit bull ban.

Sarah Martin, who hopes to see the ban lifted, said she wanted to adopt a pit bull when she moved to the city, but couldn't get the dog she wanted.

"It's just sad that there are animals that could have been in homes in this area that you can't get right now because of the pit bull ban," she said.

Janelle Holland, who used to live in the city, moved because she had a pit bull and didn't know about the city's breed restrictions.

"I got a noticed from animal control that basically said I had two weeks to either move out of the city or get rid of my dog," she said. "Getting rid of that dog would have been like cutting out my heart.”

Holland's dog, Athena, passed away last year, and now she keeps busy caring for another pit bull named T-Diddy. She said even though T-Diddy is legal in her Parkville home she still wants change in Roeland Park.

"It's keeping responsible owners like myself, who want these types of dogs, out of your city," Holland said.

The Roeland Park City Council will review and consider all of the public comment from Monday night's forum before voting on any changes to the regulations.