After 65 years of marriage, couple passes away within 10 minutes of each other

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DERBY, UK — A couple with a very strong bond recently passed away within minutes if each other after 65 years of marriage.

Earlier this month, according to an article by the Mirror, 88-year-old Harry Stevenson and his wife, Mavis, 89, died just 10 minutes apart while at the care facility where they both lived and shared a room together.

The couple’s nephew, Stephen Cresswell, told the Mirror that he knew his aunt was in poor health, and that his uncle would look after and care for her, however he said his uncle seemed medically to be in much better condition.

Workers at the facility said Mavis took a turn for the worse and passed away at 10:50 a.m. on November 3. Nurses told Harry in the most caring way they could his beloved had died. They said he shed a few tears before they left the room, but when they came back 10 minutes later, they found Harry had passed away himself.

“They would not have wanted to live without each other, so I think it was the perfect ending,” the couple’s nephew, Stephen Cresswell, told the Mirror. “It’s completely unprecedented and very fitting. They had such a close bond and their romance was huge. It was the greatest bond you could imagine. ”

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