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Family turns to social media in hopes of finding son missing for 26 years

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LEAVENWORTH COUNTY, Kan. -- Next week, the Leach family will gather for Thanksgiving dinner, once again with an empty spot at the table. They've done so for 26 years now and will tell you, life without their son Randy never gets easy.

Decades later with little faith left in law enforcement, the couple hopes social media will help them get answers.

Alberta Leach and her husband Harold remember it like it was yesterday, the last time they saw their then 17-year-old son Randy.

"He left here about 6 o'clock and then we didn't see him anymore,” Alberta said.

Randy, a Linwood high school senior, was on his way to a graduation party, which was the last time anyone claims to have seen him.

"Didn't even wake up until about 5:30, 6 o'clock the next morning and I came through here and the car wasn't here and I went and got his dad,” Alberta said.

“We knew something seriously was wrong because he has never been out before, it wasn't like him," Harold said.

They say they went to where the party was held, but no one seemed to know where Randy was. The couple says they think of their son every day, and Alberta isn't sure what's tougher: Randy being gone, or not knowing what happened to him.

They say what's been just as tough is not getting answers from law enforcement.

“We are at the point where it just doesn't seem logical to not have anything right now," Harold said.

Alberta said she had a recent conversation with a Kansas Bureau of Investigations agent, ending with disappointing results.

“He says, ‘we're going out and he's going out and check on three or four different places, but I can't tell you anything because I don't want to get your hopes up,’ and my hopes have been up for 26 years,” Alberta said.

The couple says they've been stonewalled. They feel not only have investigators overlooked critical information clues they've passed along, but have also failed to  pass along what they "have" uncovered.

“We just don't know, that's what they'll tell you, and we're doing everything we can,” Harold said.

"Randy Leach: The Truth is out There" is a Facebook page dedicated to getting his story out there in hopes of finding out what really happened to him.

“He was a great kid, it's hard for me,” Alberta said.

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