Janitor suspended while school investigates reported inappropriate behavior

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A Washington High School janitor is now under investigation after witness reports and surveillance video show him “acting inappropriately” toward multiple students.

One mother told FOX 4 the janitor threatened her son, made gun and knife hand gestures, and then pushed him.

“It makes me real angry,” said Meeka Hunter, mother to 16-year-old Washington High student Savion Davila. “You’re still a school official, you walk around, you have a USD 500 school badge. So that’s not how you treat a child.”

Savion said the employee was randomly taunting students Monday after school. He claimed the janitor threw up gang signs, and at one point said, “I got guns bigger than you.”

KCK school district officials weren't available for an on-camera interview Tuesday afternoon. They also would not verify specifics in Savion's account of what happened for student privacy reasons.

But officials did confirm reports of a custodian acting "strangely" and "inappropriately" toward multiple students. The school’s surveillance cameras caught it all on tape, but district leaders would not make the footage available to FOX 4.

They said it was concerning enough for them to ban the janitor from school property, and suspend him without pay while KCK police officers investigate further.

“He needs to be fired from the school, definitely,” Hunter said. “My kids are terrified to go to school and it shouldn’t be like that. We shouldn’t have to live to not send our kids to school to get an education because [administrators] can’t control this stuff in the schools. It’s sad.”

School officials said the janitor under investigation has worked for the school system for four years, and like all employees, was given a criminal background check before he was hired. The results of the police investigation will determine if he gets to keep his job.

It’s the latest incident in several recent violent acts at Washington High School. Just last month FOX 4 aired video of a girl being attacked by a group of girls in the school's hallway. In September we also aired video inside the school of a boy beating a girl while saying, "I’m not afraid to hit a girl."

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