KCK police investigate brutal attack of 20-year-old

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Kansas City, Kansas police are investigating the brutal attack of a 20-year-old, who was also possibly run over by a vehicle.

Detectives talked to Timothy Mulvey, 20, who told them late Saturday night he was at a friend's party in Mission.  He says his friends dropped him off at a Quick Trip near Johnson Drive and Quivira. Police say after he purchased an energy drink, Mulvey walked out of the store and said he was approached by three men he had never seen before. Mulvey says the men asked him if he wanted to go party with them.

Janet Carlson, Mulvey's mother, says her son, who was slightly intoxicated, said yes and hopped in the strangers' red car. Police said they drove him to the 500 block of Center Street in KCK. Once there Mulvey says the men said "here's the party."

“They obviously knew what they were gonna do. These are bad men," said Carlson.

Officers say the men then repeatedly beat and punched Mulvey who fell to the ground. When Mulvey tried to run into some nearby woods, he told police the attackers drove over him twice with their vehicle and dragged him more than 300 feet.

He also said the three men put the vehicle in reverse and backed over him before speeding away from the scene.

"They took him there with the purpose of killing him," said Carlson.

The bloody and bruised man says he crawled to a nearby house. FOX 4’s Robert Townsend talked to the man at the home, who says Sunday morning around 8:30, he came outside and found Mulvey lying on his front porch severely frostbitten, bloody and moaning.

"Just laying there frozen to the ground. I mean it was pretty bad man,” said the homeowner who found Mulvey. "I just grabbed a couple of towels and throw them over him to try to keep him warm."

Mulvey underwent plastic surgery on his face Tuesday.  His mother says he suffered multiple severe injuries, including a shattered clavicle, broken ribs, a broken nose and a pelvis injury. She says he will undergo more surgery on Wednesday.

Police are reviewing surveillance video from the gas station in hopes of finding the attackers.

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