Area skincare clinics shut down for good leaving customers and workers stranded

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The sudden shutdown of a chain of skincare clinics have left clients in a lurch. One Northland woman says she spent more than $18,000 on treatments that haven't been completed.

Customers are complaining after the company closed more than 100 clinics across the nation, including two in the metro area.

American Laser Centers had filed for bankruptcy protection three years ago. But this week, centers like the one on NE 81st Street appear to have shut their doors for good.

Heather Harken says she spent more than $18,000 on hair removal treatments, microdermabrasions and other cosmetic procedures. Her treatments were ongoing, but she fears she'll never get a refund.

"I feel sorry for the people, the workers," Harken said. "They all lost their jobs. I really just want to let everybody else know, who was going to Laser Skincare that this has happened. I think if there would have been some sort of communication go out to us we could have at least picked up our patient records so that we could take them elsewhere. I think that's the most frustrating piece."

FOX 4 News also spoke with a former assistant manager of the Northland American Laser Skincare location. She did not want to appear on camera because she's looking for a new job. But she says workers were just as blindsided by the shutdown as clients have been.

The former employee says workers were called in for a conference call Friday. The company CEO told them an investor had pulled out and workers had two hours to get their belongings before the doors were locked behind them.

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