Mom of 10 says she is saving at the pump

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Who would have thought you’d be saving money from pumping gas. But that’s exactly what we’re doing everything the tank is filled up.

When you have 10 smiling, excited siblings, even a pit stop at the gas station is an adventure.

“The oldest is 13, the youngest is two and a half months,” said mother Mary Greene.

And with the holiday’s right around the corner, Greene is always looking for a good save.

“It all gets spent. Christmas is in there, too, as long as they mind, Santa's always watching,” she said.

The family isn’t hard to miss on the street, Greene drives a 15-passenger van decorated in zebra stripes.

“Once a week I fill up, so it's about $400 a month,” she said.

She’s noticed her wallet a little fuller. Gas prices are at an all-time low. AAA reports that the average price for gas is about $2.60 a gallon.

The national average is about $2.90 a gallon. In Kansas, you'll pay about $2.70.

So what’s all that money saved going toward?

“Food,” Greene said with a laugh.

She estimates saving about $25 every time she’s at the pump.

She’s constantly on the road. There’s school, home, grandma’s house and everywhere in between. With a family this large, every penny counts.

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