Video: During timed race, dog quickly changes objective

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In a YouTube video, which has recently been making its rounds on the internet, three different dogs are shown competing in a timed race along with their owners.

The first dog is a smaller breed, who completes the run in a timely fashion. Then the second dog, a German Shepard, is also shown completing the race in a short amount of time; however the third dog, a golden retriever, has other priorities.

The runway, which is intended for the dogs to race down, is lined with distractions, such as tennis balls, toys, treats and food. At first, the retriever notices a bright green tennis ball and runs directly to it picking up, then quickly realizes the surrounding plates and bowls contain food, which changes the dog’s objective entirely.

The race to the finish quickly turns into an eating contest, and the dog is seen scarfing down as much of the grub as physically possible, while also picking up a toy here and there. The dog doesn’t stop until after his owner runs down and gives him a few sturdy nudges with her foot.

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