Police patrolling 69 Highway following complaints of drivers missusing the shoulder

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Tempers are flaring in Overland Park, especially during morning and evening rush hours. But this time it's not construction or lane closures that have people fuming, it's other drivers breaking the law.

Workers from the Kansas Department of Transportation are doing bridge repairs on northbound 69 Highway over Interstate 435. It's created some traffic issues between 119th Street and College Boulevard, so many in fact, drivers have filed complaints with the Overland Park Police Department and KDOT.

Driving north on 69 Highway you have to merge into one lane after 119th Street before you get to the College exit. However, dozens of drivers have chosen a different lane, the shoulder.

"We received complaints from people via social media. I know KDOT has gotten some as well; we've gotten e-mails from people angry and upset that this is occurring and wanted us out there enforcing it," said Officer Gary Mason, OPPD spokesperson.

Ofc. Mason says department takes all complaints seriously and put patrol cars in the area.

"Rush hour morning and evening, trying as much as we can, but we can't be out there all the time. We have other areas we have to be, so trying to get message out to be responsible and do the right thing," said Ofc. Mason

Late Thursday afternoon, in the early stages of the evening rush, FOX 4's camera didn't catch a few drivers riding the shoulder, it caught dozens. Cars, trucks, SUVs, box trucks, even a mail truck. One-by-one, they took the illegal fast lane.

"It's very dangerous because of the fact the shoulder is really reserved for emergency vehicles or stranded motorists," explained Ofc. Mason.

The concern for police, is this type of driving will cause frustration levels to climb.

"You get several cars doing it and tempers flare,and you never know what's going to happen," cautioned Ofc. Mason.

Police will continue to patrol the area, If you get pulled over expect a ticket.

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