Newhouse raises domestic abuse awareness

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A domestic violence shelter in Kansas City is gearing up for a fundraiser Saturday night, but they say more importantly, they want awareness. The group is hoping to turn recent headlines into a positive platform.
Newhouse is a domestic violence center in the urban core of Kansas City, Missouri which offers shelter to women and children fleeing from unsafe and violent conditions.

Board member Wendee Woodson said, “Really hope is the key word. We have lots of programs, programs of care, to help them break the cycle.”

Domestic violence concerns amongst professional athletes have recently hovered in the headlines. Woodson says the attention has provided a platform.

“While that`s not a good thing, it is timely that our event and with everything going on, it puts it in a light where we can bring attention, and that`s really what this is all about, is awareness and education,” she said.

The group is hoping to raise $250,000 at a fundraiser Saturday night, through silent auction items, sponsored tables and donations. Woodson says those funds will go toward programs that enable the women in the shelter to succeed, beyond their time at Newhouse.

“We have everything that they need to come in, seek safe shelter first, but then begin a process of healing and education and getting their feet on the ground,” said Woodson.

Men will also have chance to pledge “No More,” a stance taken by nearly two dozen NLF players who appeared in this public service announcement video.

“That`s really a national campaign that we`re bringing home tonight,” said Woodson.

Participation, awareness, and of course, some fun are elements guests will enjoy on this night on the town. Woodson says it's all about the women and children who will benefit.

If you are faced with domestic violence or if you know someone who is being abused, the Newhouse shelter wants to help. Call the hotline for more information at 816-471-5800.

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