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Kansas City peacefully prepares for Ferguson decision

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- No one knows for sure when that decision will come, but dozens here in Kansas City spent the day Saturday preparing for a grand jury decision in the Ferguson case. This time it wasn't with a rally or protest but with prayers for peace.

The boards are up, the fences are blocking businesses, but while Ferguson is preparing to keep people out, Kansas City is hoping to break barriers.

"We're here to pray that we can address this matter without further degrading one another. We have done enough of that," said church leader Wallace Hartsfield, who gathered his congregation to pray for peace. "We need all of these churches here and more. One church can't do this, one leader can't do this."

So Hartsfield invited dozens of other church leaders, who gathered with the community.

"I believe it is so important for us to come together and pray as one," he said.

One by one, they walked up to the pulpit; people of all races, all walks of life.

"It's very promising; I know it's promising for all of us. But the turnout could be much larger. We expect it to get larger in the days to come," Hartsfield said.

No matter what the grand jury decides, people here say it's time we stop fighting and stop boarding up but fight to break the barrier.

"There needs to be a posture of humility that says, ‘we need help with this,’" said Hartsfield.