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The Ararat Shrine Circus comes to Kansas CIty

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- For the 79th year the clowns, tiger tamers and stunt riders spent the weekend entertaining folks in Kansas City at the Ararat Shrine Circus.

Sunday morning FOX 4’s Carey Wickersham had the special privilege of going behind the scenes at the circus with a family that's been in the business for five generations.

"This show is very special this year.  We want the old fashioned circus, but we also want the modern circus,” said circus owner Serge Coronas.

Coronas has seen his share of circuses.  His family produced circuses in Czechoslovakia 70 years ago. Now his kids perform in cities all over the country.

“You know what we see? Walmart and Home Depot and the Grocery Store that's what we see,” said Coronas.

But they live a life of adventure with ponies, tigers, elephants and of course several clowns.

“We are the only circus where we come out in the crowd.  The kids can come to us and we sign autographs.  It’s up close and personal,” said Coronas.

The coronas family and their animals took center stage during the circus scenes in the 2003 movie “big fish.”

And when the shows are over the family will pack up.

“We will be done tonight we will work all night taking stuff down. Load our trucks tomorrow morning go 600 miles back to Shrevport,” said Coronas.

They will head home with the animals for thanksgiving before the whole things starts again in another town.

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