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The most googled unusual Thanksgiving dishes in every state

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According to the New York Times, there are 45 both unusual and popular recipes for Thanksgiving which were each distinctly googled in every state (a handful were duplicated by multiple states.)

With the help of Google researchers, a section of the NY Times website, called The Upshot, compiled a list of the most unusual yet popular (counting each Google search for it as a vote) dishes particular to each and every state.  The research includes Google searches which we conducted over the past 10 years, from 2004 to 2013, during the week of Thanksgiving.

They suggest their findings do not suggest the most iconic Thanksgiving recipe in each state, or even the states favorite (taking into account that many people may already know how to make their state’s cultural staples without searching for the recipe online). But they say for research and analysis purposes, Google searches have been found to be a “meaningful indictor of behavior and attitudes.”

Below is a list of their findings:

  • Alabama – ‘sweet potato dumplings’
  • Alaska – ‘cranberry relish’
  • Arizona – ‘turkey enchiladas’
  • Arkansas – ‘4 layer delight’
  • California – ‘persimmon bread’
  • Colorado – ‘frog eye salad’
  • Connecticut – ‘butternut squash casserole’
  • Delaware – ‘pretzel salad’
  • Florida – ‘flan de calabaza’
  • Georgia – ‘key lime cake’
  • Hawaii – ‘pumpkin crunch’
  • Idaho – ‘frog eye salad’
  • Illinois – ‘hawaiian salad’
  • Indiana – ‘persimmon pudding’
  • Iowa – ‘snicker apple salad’
  • Kansas – ‘cream cheese corn’
  • Kentucky – ‘chess bars’
  • Louisiana – ‘mirliton casserole’
  • Maine – ‘pumpkin whoopie pie’
  • Maryland – ‘sauerkraut’
  • Massachusetts – ‘mashed butternut squash’
  • Michigan – ‘cheesy potatoes’
  • Minnesota – ‘wild rice casserole’
  • Mississippi – ‘asparagus casserole’
  • Missouri – ‘green rice casserole’
  • Montana – ‘fruit salad’
  • Nebraska – ‘snicker salad’
  • Nevada – ‘frog eye salad’
  • New Hampshire – ‘pumpkin whoopie pie’
  • New Jersey – ‘stuffed artichokes’
  • New Mexico – ‘pumpkin roll’
  • New York – ‘stuffed artichokes’
  • North Carolina – ‘pig pickin cake’
  • North Dakota – ‘cookie salad’
  • Ohio – ‘dirt pudding’
  • Oklahoma – ‘sopapilla cheesecake’
  • Oregon – ‘vegan mushroom gravy’
  • Pennsylvania – ‘potato filling’
  • Puerto Rico – ‘tembleque’
  • Rhode Island – ‘chocolate cream pie’
  • South Carolina – ‘pineapple casserole’
  • South Dakota – ‘snicker salad’
  • Tennessee – ‘spinach maria’
  • Texas – ‘sopapilla cheesecake’
  • Utah – ‘funeral potatoes’
  • Vermont – ‘maple walnut pie’
  • Virginia – ‘collard green’
  • Washington – ‘smoked salmon dip’
  • Washington, D.C. – ‘corn pudding’
  • West Virginia – ‘deer jerky’
  • Wisconsin – ‘brownberry stuffing’
  • Wyoming – ‘frog eye salad’

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