Community forum looks to improve relationship between KCPD and the public

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Creating a better relationship between police and the community was a topic during a community forum at a local church Sunday morning.

All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church near 45th and Main brought in a Kansas City, Missouri Police Major as the featured speaker.

“We feel that the more dialogue that is in the community between the minority community and the white community in other words the more dialogue, the more things that can be resolved,” said Martin Hazlett with All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church.

The name of the lecture was, ‘How to Not be Ferguson.’ Major Anthony Ell said there's still a lot of progress to be made and said we can all learn from what’s happening across the state.

“For the most part our reputation and our relationship with communities in Kansas City is very positive, fragile though, it's very fragile," he said.

Kansas City resident Joseph Jackson said he thinks Kansas City, Missouri Police are making strides.

"They're doing an excellent job in Kansas City, they're very transparent,” said Jackson. “It's a partnership, it's a process, we all have to work together neighborhoods, citizens have to work the police department, the police department has to work with the neighborhoods if we want crime to go down then we have to work together.”

Jackson said racial profiling during traffic stops is one of his biggest concerns.

"Missouri for the fourth year in a row has led this, and it's something that has to be looked at that causes a rift between a rift of distrust between the police department and citizens,” he said.

All Souls Church said it hopes forums like Sunday’s help make the world a little better of a place, where people can work out their differences without violence or crime.

"Treating people with equity, treating people with justice and it makes no difference you r color race sexual orientation anything, we're all people and that's what matters,” said Hazlett.

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