Officer injured in the line of duty is honored at Sunday night Chiefs game

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Chiefs fought hard for a win against the Broncos on Sunday but before kick off 70,000 people honored Kansas City police officer who fought for his life.

"It's like it happened yesterday," Officer Paul Clark said.

Images of the crime scene flashes in Officer Paul Clark's mind every day. He and his partner were with their tactical unit about to make an arrest when...

"The guy in the backseat was laying down and just started shooting me," Officer Clark said.

"I could see he was bleeding out of his mouth. You didn't think about him or the situation because you could literally hear bullets flying by," Officer Brian Tomanio said.

Officer Clark was shot three times, then again in his spine. He was paralyzed for months but fought his way through recovery.

"I tell my kids to this day he's the strongest guy I've ever met in my life," Officer Tomanio said.

So Officer Clark's old partner Brian Tomanio put together a pretty big surprise.

Officer Clark recently retired, so his friends flew in from out of state and his old tactical unit surprised him on the sidelines to watch their hero step down in style.

"Here's a guy that sacrificed for all practical purposes his life. To see him honored is just tremendous," he said.

Officer Clark was an officer with the department for 18 years.