Watch: Man accused of impersonating soldier gets called out for ‘stolen valor’

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LANGHORNE, Pa. — A video has gone viral after a real United States soldier recorded a man, who was possibly impersonating a US military member, inside a Pennsylvania mall during Black Friday.

In the video the real soldier asked the man several questions, however according to the soldier the man’s answers do not make any sense. He also calls him out for his American flag patch being in the wrong location, and also for his lack of combat patch.

The man, identified by the video as Sean Yetman, eventually takes a possibly fake phone call and walks away, while the videographer loudly calls the man out for “stolen valor.”

According to an article by The Examiner, the Stolen Valor Act makes it a crime to impersonate a US military member, if that person attempts to benefit in any way from doing so.  That includes any kid of military discounts, free meals or falsely applying for benefits they are not entitled to.

The article goes on to say that local police could possibly get involved if the accused impersonator used the uniform as a rouse to get free items or additional Black Friday discounts. Even if it is discovered this man did serve, it is more than likely he did not at the capacity he is claiming to.

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