KC man survives being shot at in home, but gets robbed of hundreds of dollars

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A south Kansas City man was shot at twice and robbed inside his own home in broad daylight. The victim told police he believes an armed robber and two female accomplices set him up.

The victim asked FOX 4 to not show his face or reveal his true identity because the robbers haven’t been arrested. This man, who we'll call "Joe”, said around 1:30 Tuesday afternoon an armed robber pounded at his front door, and then things took a violent turn.

"He shot apparently at me. I'm glad he's not a good shot," Joe said.

The 30-year-old victim said the first bullet went through a bathroom door and ended up in his bathtub. The other bullet tore through a wall in his laundry room.

“I was thinking I was maybe gonna get shot," he said.

Joe admitted that Monday night he was slightly intoxicated when he met two women in Kansas City. Tuesday afternoon he invited both to come by his home.

"They knew each other. The two girls were going back and forth. I knew something was going on, but I didn't know what," he said.

About an hour later he said a man armed with a gun came to his home, pretending to be looking for the women. But Joe believes the guy who pointed a gun at his face and robbed him of $300, and the two women, all came to his house to rob him.

"They started trying to rummage through the house and he’s sitting there kicking me in the back of the neck, telling me to get on the ground. Well, I'm already on the ground. I can't go nowhere else," Joe said.

He suffered a bruise on his neck. Minutes later, when the gunman fired, Joe said he ran out his back door and screamed to a neighbor for help. The robbers took off.

"I'm hoping he doesn't really want to commit a murder today, that's what I'm hoping,” Joe said. "You better be careful who you ever attempt to associate with."

Police are still looking for the three robbers who took off in a four-door silver car.

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