Missouri’s highest court to decide legality of red light cameras

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Courtesy: MGN Online

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The ongoing legal battle over red light cameras was in front of Missouri’s highest court on Tuesday.

Currently, police departments in Missouri cannot issue tickets collected with the red light cameras.

Three lawsuits from the St. Louis area challenge the use of camera systems that record license plate numbers and send tickets in the mail.

Two key points are up for debate:

  • Is it okay to assume the owner of the car is also the driver?
  • Should local tickets add points to a Missouri driver’s license?

If red light cameras are deemed unconstitutional, the 28 cameras already installed in Kansas City will have to come down. If not,  about 20,000 drivers with outstanding tickets will have to pay up.  The city will regain roughly $2 million a year in revenue.

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