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With parent-teacher conferences over, many parents are looking over their child's report card and wondering what went wrong.

It's easy to get frustrated when your child has a report card you didn't expect. But rather than being upset, it's more constructive to emphasize their strengths and focus on ways to help them overcome academic weaknesses.

Parents, here are five tips for helping your child improve their grades after a shaky report card.

  1. Figure Out What Happened
    A poor report card could indicate any number of things. Your child may be genuinely struggling, he may have bombed a test or he may be forgetting to turn in assignments. Get to the heart of the matter and then work on improving grades from there.
  1. Eliminate Obstacles
    Whatever your child's obstacles to a good report card are, it's time to start removing them. If your child is distracted during lessons, ask the teacher to move her away from the window or from class friends who make it hard to retain information. At home, limit TV time until after homework is done. If more specialized individual attention is needed, hire a private tutor. If your child is forgetting what work to complete, set up a system to help your child remember books and papers every day, and reach out to their teachers to see if a homework schedule is available.
  1. Create a Homework Routine
    When children are given to the option to do homework whenever, they often either don't do it or they will rush through it quickly at the last minute. Combat this by having your child sit to do homework in the same place at the same time every day. Make it part of the routine, and you'll see improving grades in no time.
  1. Hire a Private Tutor
    If your child's poor report card reflects a lack of understanding of the subject matter, a private tutor is an excellent way to start improving grades. A private tutor will work with your child one-on-one to help him learn in the way that works best for him. A private tutor will answer his questions as well.
  1. Keep an Open Line of Communication
    The more you can communicate with the teacher, the private tutor and your child, the better chances you'll have of improving grades. Discuss the strategies that are working and not working as well as the areas in which your child struggles and excels.
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