Residents take fight against a QuikTrip expansion to City Hall, but fall short

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Residents say their head-to-head fight with a corporation ended in defeat. Homeowners met at City Hall on Wednesday to battle over a QuikTrip's expansion at 103rd Street and Wornall Road.

Homeowners came angry and ready to fight, but their spirit wasn't enough to change the outcome.

"It's hard to fight a big corporation," said Mary Mallory, who lives off Washington Street.

The business already bought two homes right next to Mallory's that it will demolish. The open space will turn into a parking lot that can accommodate 90 cars.

Another resident, Jaqueline Castor, said she felt like her concerns fell on deaf ears.

"For a corporation as big as QuikTrip to not get their way and threaten to abandon the site is immature and inappropriate," she said. "They're bullying six houses that have no choice."

One of those is hers. When the construction is over, her neighbor will be the gas station. A fence and trees will be the only barrier.

"They will be ten feet from my front yard," she explained.

The gas station will also be demolished and a bigger one built in its place.

"We like QT, we just don't want it to expand on our street," Mallory said.

Homeowners walked out angry and defeated. Kansas City Council approved an offer from QuikTrip. The company will pay the city $55,000 for sidewalks in the neighborhood.

A final vote will go to the council next week.