Following 2013 storm, neighbors still waiting for homeowner to make repairs

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MISSION, Kan. -- For nearly two years many living in a Mission neighborhood near 53rd Street have had the same question:

BrokenHouseWhen will that house be fixed?

The house is a neighborhood eyesore ever since a tree crashed through its roof during a storm in January 2013.

The tarp that once covered the gaping hole in the roof has disintegrated and it every time it rains, it just pours inside the now vacant house.

FOX 4 Problem Solvers learned about the house through an anonymous email from a neighbor concerned that property values were starting to be affected.

Neighbor Richard Jett told FOX 4 he isn't concerned about the house affecting the value of his home, but he acknowledges that the home has become the topic of many conversations. Some wonder why the city of Mission hasn't cited the owner.

Problem Solvers contacted owner Kristopher Raines, who told us he had been in a dispute with his insurance company over whether the home should be repaired or replaced. He said the insurance company has now agreed to pay Raines to build a new home. He said he had hoped to have started construction before Christmas, but he has been waiting for the architect to finish the plans.

A spokesman for the city of Mission tells FOX 4 that it tries to work with homeowners in situations such as this, which is why no citations have been issued. However, a city spokesman said two years is a long time to wait and the city will take action if this problem isn't solved soon.

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