Track the rain here before you head out

For those in need of a Christmas tree, Mildale Farms offers a variety to chop and take home

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EDGERTON, Kan. -- If you’re still looking for a Christmas Tree, the 14th annual Red Cedar Tree Christmas event might be for you. The Red Cedar Trees are beautiful, and grow likes weeds at Mildale Farms.

“Most of our grassland has been choked out by cedar,” said Matt Garrett, a Johnson County Park District biologist.

One solution the park has is to open up the wedding venue to the public so that people can pick a tree and take it home.

“You can get anything from a tiny little Charlie Brown Christmas tree to the largest tree your car can take,” he said.

If you cut the Red Cedar below the base, it won’t grow back. Some trees have already been cut, but you can still head into the wild and choose one yourself.

“They should dress warm; make sure they have a good set of gloves, and a hand saw. No chain saws or axes,” Garrett advised.

If you're interested, make plans to head out Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Fat, skinny, tall, wide, there are a lot to choose from. If you happen to take one home, there’s a suggested donation of $15.

An expected 200-to-300 people will come to Mildale Farms. The donations collected will go to the Kansas City Wild Lands. Its mission is to restore the natural areas in the city.

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