Black bear or cow? Mystery animal captured on camera outside Olathe

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Kan. — About 30 minutes south of Olathe in Franklin County, a man set up his own camera on a trail where he and a friend go bow hunting.

On October 4th, the trail camera of Cole Bonham captured pictures of the usual game: deer, bobcats, raccoons, and also some cattle passing by, which wasn’t a surprise.

“Forty-five minutes after that, we caught the picture of what we didn't even know what it was at first,” said Bonham’s friend, Travis Worley.

As Bonham and Worley looked through the trail cam, they spotted an unusual looking animal that was on the trail as well. The animal captured in the frame was black and a little shaggy.

“Looking at the picture, the nose is different, the tail is different,” said Bonham.

“It was shorter and fatter than the cows,” Worley added.

The friends were convinced it was a black bear roaming around Franklin County. They even got a veterinarian to check it out.

“From what the vet had told us, it was 300-350 pounds so it was a large black bear,” said Worley.

A black bear sighting in Kansas is highly unusual and a spotting is more likely in the Southern region.

It’s so rare that it actually didn’t happen. A bear expert at the Kansas Wildlife and Parks Department says the black fur ball is actually a cow. Mystery solved.

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