In honor of late husband’s generosity, widow donates wedding rings to Salvation Army

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BOSTON — Robert Barr was ringing the bell by a Salvation Army red kettle last Wednesday, but never suspected the generosity he was about to witness.

“I remember a lady coming and she said there were two¬†checks. Didn’t say nothing about the rings,” Barr told TV station WCVB.

Two rings, wedding rings, dropped in the red kettle by a passerby. Salvation Army officials would be stunned later to find them as they counted up the night’s donation.

“Little baggie, looked like a sandwich baggie that had a couple of rings in it, and a jeweler’s affidavit and then a small typewritten note,” said Lieutenant Michael Harper with the Salvation Army of Massachusetts.

The generous gift came from a woman who wanted to donate her wedding rings in memory of her husband, to buy toys for children. In her note, the woman wrote, “in all seasons, my husband was a giver. I especially remember his joy in giving at Christmastime.

“We already provide Christmas toys for between 12 and 1,300 children, and this will certainly help,” Lt. Harper said.

What she didn’t want was to be singled out for her generosity.

“Sometimes someone will tell a bell-ringer, in this case the donor wanted to remain anonymous, but gave this really remarkable, personal, sacrificial gift with a specific need in mind to help children this Christmas,” said Drew Forester with the Salvation Army of Massachusetts

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