Man makes repeated threatening, obscene phone calls to people in Independence

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Is it a prank or something more serious? Independence police sent out an alert after several threatening calls spread around the city were reported. Be warned, you may find part of the recorded call in the video offensive.

One woman who got the call says now when she sees a certain number, she won't answer her phone. Kay Howe said she’s received about 15 calls with the same type of vulgar message since the beginning of September.

“I just said, ‘who is this?’ And then they just continue to go on with the obscene language,” Howe said. “It was at one in the morning, you know how you wake up out of a dead sleep, and I didn't know who at one it might be. And then I answered it and it was still yelling.”

Independence police aren't sure how many people got calls, but say they originate from two Skype numbers with a 661 area code located in California. Each time, it's a male caller who in some cases gave the street address associated with the number, and threatened to do bodily harm.

While the person who called Howe's landline number didn't give her address, he did say he was coming to Independence.

“In my own home, that I'm not safe here, that somebody's calling and threatening me it's scary,” Howe said.

Independence police aren't sure if the threats are credible, but if you get a call they want to hear from you. More details can be found at this link.

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