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What a relief! Dog clipped and on road to recovery

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MERRIAM, Kan. — A dog whose hair was so matted he could hardly see and had trouble moving, is now in the care of those committed to helping him recover.

Great Plains SPCA is calling the dog “Mistletoe.”

Mistletoe was found Wednesday at a park in Merriam by a woman who was out on her daily walk.

She found him in a gazebo area and brought him to the SPCA’s Lost Pet Center near the park.

They were initially unable to tell what kind of dog he was, but determined he was a shih tzu mix.

His nails were inches long.

“Who knows if he was even able to eat, to drink, to care for himself in that kind of manner,” said Sydney Baker, Great Plains SPCA.

“We are expecting him to need extensive medical care in the coming weeks,” Great Plains SPCA said on its facebook page.

They also remind people that if they donate before the end of the year, their gift will be matched during a matching campaign.

By donating on Wednesday to help Mistletoe and pets like him, your gift will be matched to go twice as far:

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