Proposal of a toll for Interstate 70 being revisited by Mo. Governor Nixon

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It's been talked about for years as a way to pay for road work along Interstate 70. Governor Jay Nixon is revisiting the topic of placing tolls along part of the aging interstate.

People have opposed placing tolls along I-70 pretty much since it was first proposed. Gov. Nixon is reopening discussions by asking transportation commission to look into it.

But time hasn't changed the minds of many opponents of the tolls. Norita Taylor with the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association has several concerns that start with cost.

Even though voters struck down a sales tax to fund I-70 roadwork, Taylor thinks a fuels tax for five percent is a better option.

"If we raise fuel taxes say by five cents a gallon, and you use 500-gallons per year on average, that would mean $30 per year per car. But with tolls you could be spending that much for just one trip to Saint Louis and back,” Taylor said.

The analysis the governor requested includes the possibility making private firms paying for upgrades and getting to collect tolls. Taylor fears the move would shift the priority to making profit for the private partner instead of doing what's best for Missouri travelers.

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