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Christmas tree growing in size and popularity in one local town

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BASEHOR, Kan. -- It's a Christmas tree that's big, alive and growing in size and popularity in one local town.

Bob and Helen Cramer have always thought the 30 foot tree on their front lawn was the perfect Christmas tree, but only recently has it become a neighborhood icon and the talk of their small town.

"Since I moved in here, that's a perfect tree. It's just shaped perfect, it's a perfect Christmas tree," Helen said.

Helen and Bob Cramer moved into their quiet Basehor neighborhood 10 years ago. The 30 foot tree in their front lawn always looked like a giant Christmas tree to them.

"It's kind of hard to miss!" said Bob.

But they never decorated it for the holidays.

"Everybody would say how pretty it is, but nobody offered to help me decorate it," Helen added.

That is until Debbie Earnheart moved in across street in 2013. She happens to be a professional holiday decorator and she offered to help.

"They started wanting to know how we could do it, so yeah, I'm your girl!" Earnheart said.

Earnheart owns a business called Treemendous Trimmings -- so she's used to planning events and decorating. But this, she said, is unlike anything she's ever done before. Most trees she decorates are inside the house for one.

"That's why I did it," Earnheart added, "I can't believe that I am so blessed to be able to do this, because I've never had the opportunity."

"A lot of people stop by, a lot of people stop and have their pictures taken in front of the tree," said Bob.

"I'm sure we're on greeting cards everywhere," added Helen.

Helen and Debbie started finding decorations last year, going to different stores and finding things on sale.

"We bought in bulk," said Earnheart.

They even rented a cherry picker to get every inch of the tree, to get this town in the holiday spirit.

"Just kind of spark it up a little bit," said Helen.

But Earnhart says the news of this tree is spreading beyond their neighborhood.

"My daughter said last night at Longhorn when they were at dinner, people were talking about it, at the, she was like, 'mom, I wanted to tell everybody it was you,'" Earnheart shared.

The Cramers hope to make this an annual holiday tradition.