CIA’s torture report best selling book on Amazon

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NEW YORK — The best selling spy book on isn’t some thriller from Tom Clancy or Ian Flemming. It’s an electronic edition of the Senate’s report on the CIA’s brutal interrogation program, the so-called torture report.

The report, released Tuesday, costs $2.99 on Amazon for a Kindle edition.

Overall, it ranks 2,640 in the Kindle bookstore and is the best seller in Amazon’s “intelligence & espionage” section.

The grisly report beats out other non-fiction books in the section, such as the No. 2 book, Pay Any Price, written by Pulitzer Prize winner James Risen, as well as works of fiction, such the new Kindle edition of “The Diamond Smugglers,” a 1957 book by James Bond author Flemming.

That’s despite the fact that there are free electronic versions of the report available from numerous sites, including CNN and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which prepared and released the 499-page report.

For those who don’t want electronic versions, publisher Melville House announced Tuesday that it plans a print edition of the book to be in stores on Dec. 30. It did not announce the planned price of the book.