Falling gas prices are a relief for consumers and businesses alike

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- We are finally nearing a point where we aren't dreading the moment we have to fill up our gas tanks. Over the last few months, there's been a steep drop in prices at the pump.

Relief at the pump helps business bloom at The Fiddly Fig. It’s the busiest time for the flower shop as they make nearly 125 deliveries a day.

“We're out a lot and we fill up often,” said Cheryl White, the owner of The Fiddly Fig.

Gas prices keep dropping. Last week, on average you paid 10 cents per gallon more than this week. White is tracking the difference.

“This morning, it was $2.29. I was so excited. Or maybe it was $2.24 but I notice it every single day and I go, 'yes!'” she said.

It’s good for her business. There are seven delivery trucks making rounds every day.

“I pay our gas bill once a month and it just keeps going down and down and down and I'm just thrilled,” White said.

Money saved just goes back into the Flower Shop. During this time of year, every penny counts.