Failed bank transfer proves to be costly fiasco for Air Force veteran

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It's not rocket science to transfer your automatic deposits to a new bank account, but as FOX 4 Problem Solver Linda Wagar explains, a retired Air Force Tech Sargeant has been waiting 10 months for his paycheck ever since he switched banks.

Jim Courtney spent 20 years in the Air Force working on B-2 Bombers.

"It was a great career," Courtney said. "I miss it."

It was also a job that provided a steady income even in retirement, at least until recently.
His problem started shortly after the bank he had been using, Enterprise, closed its local branch. Courtney opened a new account at a different bank and filled out the paperwork to transfer the automatic monthly deposits of both his military pension check and his military disability check.

"I just gave it to the bank and they notified whoever," he recalled.

The next month, his pension check landed in his new account, but his disability check never arrived.

It was kicked back to the US Treasury.

He called the Department of Veterans Affairs to find out why and was assured someone was looking into it. He just needed to be patient.

After six months had passed and still no check, he called the local office of Veterans Affairs for help.

"I called him to see if he could do something," Courtney said. "He had a direct line to the US Treasury."

That was three months ago. Mr. Courtney still hasn't received his money.

That's why he finally called The FOX 4 Problem Solvers. What concerned us is that the letters he received from the Department of Veterans Affairs sound exactly like form letters issued to people who have applied for disability and are waiting to hear whether they've been approved.

Mr. Courtney was approved, 13 years ago. He just needs the routing number on his check changed. How hard can that be?

We spoke to a media spokesman for the VA who agreed and promised to look into the matter. The next day we got an email from the military apologizing, but never explaining the 10-month delay in Mr. Courtney's check.

"We are reviewing our procedures... to prevent something like this from happening in the future," the email stated.

Here's the good news, Mr. Courtney contacted us last week to let us know his latest check, along with 10 months worth of back payments, have now landed in his bank account.


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