Joe’s Weather Blog: Remember That CA Storm? (MON-12/15)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Good afternoon…pretty amazing to think about…but remember that big storm that hit CA last week with all the rain and heavy mountain snow…well the core of the storm came right over and north of downtown KC during the day today. Fascinating!


Tonight: Blustery with falling temperatures…readings will eventually fall into the 20s with wind chills into the teens towards daybreak.

Tomorrow: Clouds early then some sun hopefully in the PM. Highs in the mid 30s. NW winds of 10-20 MPH will make it feel chilly.

Wednesday: Variable clouds and chilly. After AM lows near 20°, highs should pop again into the mid 30s.


I thought I’d start out with the water vapor images showing the storm passing over the KC area during the day today…it’s now located in NE MO.


IF you look real close…you can see the center of the storm pass through the KC area…also notice another storm moving into the western part of the country.

Doppler indicated rain totals show widespread 1/2-1″ totals through the region…although the amounts trailed off across N MO.



KCI picked up about 7/10″ of rainfall from the storm…some got over 1″…on average though it was around 3/4″ or so.

At the surface the storm, as of this writing, is located across NE MO.

Colder air is moving into the region as I type this…we’ve gone from the 50s near daybreak to near 40° late this afternoon as I expected last night.

This colder weather will be with us through the rest of the week.

The storm that once again will pelt northern CA with rainfall (not to the extreme as last week though) will be the next thing we contend with towards THU/FRI. How exactly it impacts our weather though remains to be seen. Clouds are a sure bet, coming back thick and solid on Thursday but what comes from the clouds is a bit questionable as any variety of precip ranging from freezing drizzle to snow is possible (if we get anything at all).

This appears to be a dysfunctional storm and it may not be coordinated enough to give us a saturated atmosphere in time for us to pick up snow. It’s really not worth the typing effort to go over everything at this point since it’s a rather low confidence situation to begin with…it does bear watching though.

The storm last week in CA,a s you know created some serious rain. So how did it help the ongoing and devastating drought that’s been an issue for the last few years…take a look at the reservoir levels…

The graphic above indicates that some of the reservoir levels increased some 30 FEET!

There was also severe weather including an unusual tornado that hit the southern part of Los Angeles…I think the language in the video was cleaned up.

Again the storm hitting them now is not nearly as potent as last week. There will be more rain for them as the week goes along.


Winter Weather Advisories are in effect for the mountain areas of CA for upwards of a foot of snow.

That’s it for today…blogs again will be off/on this week. Should the snow scenario increase for later in the week I’ll try to make the blogs more of a focus of my day. We’re in the process of working on a few things and with KR feeling under the weather we’re trying to make sure all the on-air shifts are covered and yet still make sure vacations/days off are fulfilled.



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