Local Pakistani community outraged, reacts to death of schoolchildren

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The area Pakistani community is united in its outrage and grief over the deaths of more than 140 schoolchildren in Pakistan Tuesday.

Pakistanis in Kansas City are very tight knit, known for helping each other in business and adapting to the American way of life.

Pakistanis own businesses like convenience stores and gas stations. They also work in our community as doctors and technology professionals. Tuesday, they all shared a similar sadness.

On Facebook, Kansas City Pakistanis have changed their profile pictures to solid black as a sign of mourning. Those who spoke with FOX 4 News say it could have very easily have been their children who were slaughtered. They say terrorism knows no boundaries and we as Americans must continue to stand up to those who would prey on the innocent.

"It's not against only in Pakistan but all over the world you know, this is against humanity," said Hafeez Kiani, a Pakistani-American. "These people, these kinds of people, they are not in favor of humanity. They are coward people, and they are doing whatever they are doing, that's not a humanity, that's not in favor of humanity, that's totally against humanity. I'm totally against those things."

Many Pakistanis told FOX 4 News their family is not near the site of the attack, but still they remain concerned for the safety of relatives in that nation. They say the Taliban has no country, but instead of fighting the Pakistani army, they chose instead to attack their children.

Pakistanis in Kansas City say they expect their government to remain on the frontlines in the fight against terror. And they're happy to see so many other nations express their support.

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