Woman’s will states her dog to be killed, buried with her

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AURORA, Ind. — Many are outraged about a deceased woman’s will, which states that after her death, her dog be euthanized, cremated and buried with her.

In November, Connie Lay died and stipulated in her will that her dog Bella should die shortly after she did.

Since the story came out, many have taken to Twitter and used the hashtag #SaveBella.

The other option Lay mentioned was to send her to an animal shelter in Utah, but if that is not possible or too expensive, she said Bella should be put to sleep.

Attorneys say the decision will be made by one of Lay’s friends.

Lay reportedly said Bella was aggressive and that a veterinarian had already recommended Bella be euthanized, according to WCPO-9 in Cincinnati.

“When (Lay) died, she died at her home and the dog was in there. No one could enter the house because they were concerned the dog would attack,” Doug Denmure, Lay’s attorney told WCPO.

Click here for the statement released by PAWS Humane Center, which is currently taking care of Bella.


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