Anonymous donor offers cemetery plots to family of five fatal crash victims

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A family is still grieving days after a deadly car accident that left five dead. The community has come together to help as much they can.

There are empty plots of land at a cemetery in Kansas City, but the owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, is passing the land on to another family in need.

"I'm a grandpa. That's an answer there. As grandpa who loves their grandchildren, it's a heartbreaker. I just know it's a deep tragedy for this family," he said.

He hopes it will be a place of comfort for five lives that ended too soon.

A mother, her three young children, and a sister-in-law were all killed when a semi-truck struck their car.

"We know they're in heaven, they're in a better place. We know they're in a good place so we're just grateful for that," said Minnie Gates, a family member of the victims.

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