Police investigating string of thefts in Mission Hills

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MISSION HILLS, Kan. -- Gus Zinn has lived in his Mission Hills neighborhood for 16 years. He woke up recently to his car missing from his driveway.

"Well I thought it was a joke, a neighborhood joke, but that quickly wasn't the case," Zinn said. "Thankfully pulled a lot of stuff out of the car, but I didn't park my car in the garage."

The Zinns were home sleeping and didn't hear anything, and didn't notice until morning.

"It was broken into and stolen, and then it was used to I think do some more stuff around the neighborhood," Zinn added.

The Prairie Village Police Department received a call from Zinn, among others.

"There were several victims in the area, we actually had one vehicle that was stolen from the residence, that vehicle was subsequently used in some other incidents in the area," said Detective Josh Bernal, with the Prairie Village Police Department.

Det. Bernal says there are about eight victims who filed police reports, all who live in Mission Hills.

"It's the holidays and people are kind of running around a lot, so I think there's some concern about it," said Zinn.

Police have surveillance video from one of those other residents.

"Taking valuables, whatever they could find in the vehicle, if there was a garage door opener in sight, they were using that in a couple different instances to open the garage," added Det. Bernal.

"They're definitely looking around for cars that are unlocked," Zinn said.

Police later found Zinn's car abandoned in Grandview , Mo.

"It was really trashed inside, I mean they smoked tons of cigarettes inside, ate a lot of food, ripped out the radio in the center console," said Zinn.

Zinn says everything he had in the car was gone, but the suspect left a lot of random stuff in the car -- like a piece of wood with Allen Fieldhouse on it. Zinn assumes it belongs to someone else who was burglarized.

"I hope they catch the people doing this, because they aren't going to stop at a couple that had some success," said Zinn.

Police believe, in this case, there was only one suspect, but they believe it's related to a string of recent burglaries around the metro. If you have any information regarding these burglaries, contact the Prairie Village Police Department.

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