City council makes adjustments to RV regulations in Prairie Village

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PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. -- The city council voted Monday night to make changes to its RV regulations, specifically where residents can park an RV on their property and how it must be covered.The council has been discussing the issue for a year. Over the past year three city council members formed a work group and brainstormed ways to improve the city's RV regulations.

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The new regulations require an RV to be fully screened up to six feet. The RV may be over six feet in height but it must be screened up until the six-foot mark. Examples of screening can be evergreen plantings, fences, or a way to shield the RV from the view of neighboring properties. The second change council approved is that if an RV is covered, the cover must be custom fit. The cover cannot be a tarp, but custom to the contours of the RV, boat or trailer.

Lastly, the RV cannot be stored in front of the home building line or the line of the property as it extends to each side of the property. The previous regulations will also remain in place. Those include keeping an RV five feet away from the rear of the lot line and five feet away from the side of the lot line and 15 feet away from the street.

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