For four miles, auto repairman clings to car roof as woman flees repair bill

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A repairman at Big Ron’s Autobody on the corner of 24th and Indiana is safe after a woman drove away while he clung to her vehicle. The woman was trying to avoid paying for the repair work she had done.

The repairman, who does not want to be identified, said he greeted the woman and then pulled her Cadillac Escalade outside.

“I backed it out so she can see it in the light and make sure it's to her liking,” he said. “She hops into the car and tries to steal it without paying.”

In an effort to stop the woman, the repairman jumped onto the side boards of the SUV.

“I had to hold on and pull myself to the roof,” he said.  “She went down I don't know 20 different back streets before we got on the highway.”

According to the repairman, the woman weaved in and out of traffic on I-70, for about four miles.

“I think they should prosecute her to the fullest,” he said. “She put my life in real danger.”

The man was holding onto her roof's luggage rack with one hand and using his other hand to call his boss for help.

“He said, 'I'm on the roof, they're trying to take the car.' That's all I could get out of him from the wind and everything, and I said come down from the roof and call 911,” said Ron of Big Ron's Autobody Repair.

Ron said he didn't believe his employee because he's a jokester.

Police say the employee who was following the SUV with his co-worker on the roof tried to shoot the woman's tires in an effort to stop her. The chase finally ended at the police headquarters in downtown Kansas City when a patrolman saw the vehicle driving by with a man on the roof according to investigators.

Ron says he fixed the woman's rear panel and bumper and even fixed her fender and door for free and would like to be paid the $3,600 for the repair work, but he’s not sure if that will happen.

“I'm an honest business,” Ron said. “I've been fair with people. People in this community know me and I'm very fair with them and I just want to be treated fairly.”

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